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December 7, 2010

Hello world!

So, this title (^^^) is the standard one that comes with your page when you open a WordPress account. Instead of deleting and renaming my first post title, I deemed it 100% appropriate & worth keeping.

In 28 days I’m heading on a redeye flight to Heathrow and not coming back until May. (Only because my student Visa requires me too. I have a weird hunch time is going to fly while abroad and I’m already pleading for it to slow down.) When I was going through the whole application process of going abroad, I kept Googling & hoping to find an actual student’s take on what it was like to go abroad. Not the websites of organizations who plan study abroad, where you only find student testimonies…I get it, it’s awesome and life changing. Why wouldn’t it be? But I wanted to know little things; did you buy your bedding over there? Did you understand their accents? Do you feel like a tourist nine weeks in? Meet locals? Where do you get coffee? Is the coffee even the same?

So, vualah. I’m granting that to whoever stumbled upon this website in hopes of finding what life abroad actually entails. (And, Hi Mom & Dad, to my family and friends at home who are curious to see if I fell off the face of the earth or not.)

It’s not like the trip hasn’t already begun. Nope. My experience abroad started even as I was sitting here in the lovely United States. It started with the nerve-wracking Visa application process, the orientation meetings, the class scheduling and, alas, I’ll also start the impossible task of packing during these next few weeks. If you’re up for hearing about the preparing of the trip, then happy reading! If not, see ya Jan 19, 2011!!