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February 2, 2011

Class Week 2

Monday morning for politics we did not have an outing, instead we watched a video from the BBC entitled The Virtual Revolution. Yet another movie about how technology is shaping our world and social media is expanding.

In Theatre she split our class up into even smaller groups, and the group I was in is the group that comes for the second half of class, so we went to Tea & Tattle for a little while instead of going home. I got a double espresso because I was feeling a little droopy. In class we discussed the play for Monday night, and then when the first group left I gave my presentation on Hamlet & we had a group discussion. I just ate dinner at home and then we ventured over to Waterloo station to get to the Old Vic Theatre. The show we saw was named A Flea in Her Ear, and was the complete opposite of the previous week’s show, Hamlet. The play was focused around the theme of adultery and is, what my teacher calls, a charce. It was highly entertaining and very funny, and we all left with smiles on our faces. Some of us met a small group of students not in the Theatre class at Cornwallis and then we came home after it closed.

For Media & Society we had a lecture and got another breakfast break for Eve’s Cafe before out outing to Soho. Sort of. I never actually noticed when we were for sure in Soho. The general area is only a few blocks from our house so maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize it as such a famous area as Soho. We ended at Gaby’s Deli, where he treated us to hummus and falafel and I had a cappuccino. That’s pretty much the end of my week excluding Thursday afternoon class because I intern Tues afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday mornings usually! Not sure how much detail I’m allowed to post about it but it’s going well and I learned how to make a proper cup of tea 🙂