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April 5, 2011

Old Bailey, Ecstasy, Kidulthood & Taylor Swift

The week after traveling the countryside of England flew by. As is the entire semester, I guess. For politics on Monday we talked about the court systems and then, vualah, we went to the Old Bailey and watched a trial for robbery. I felt like we were intruding because we were the only ones in the audience upstairs besides the family. A little uncomfortable. After we watched a good portion of the questioning we headed out. Monday night for theatre we went to see Ecstasy at the Hampstead Theatre, the same theatre we saw Penelope in. Ecstasy is about alcoholism, loneliness, and regret. It sounds really depressing, as it was intended to be, but it was so good. Tuesday for Media & Society we had a discussion on the Saatchi Gallery, led into our film discussion, and then watched a crazy British movie called Kidulthood. Here’s a trailer..


Really crazy and violent, I know.

Tuesday afternoon I went to Wriglesworth as per usual, and we spent the day preparing for the next, for the Aviva roundtable debate. Tuesday night for dinner Kelly, Laura, Sarah & I went to Lupita, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants by Embankment. Wednesday I worked at Wriglesworth-worked the roundtable during the morning and the office for the rest of the week. Wednesday night was the Taylor Swift concert!! I’m going to be honest, I liked Taylor Swift before her concert. I loved her after the concert, it was amazing. The concert was in the O2 arena and it was packed with mostly teenage girls…we felt a little old. Regardless, she sounded incredible and we all had so much fun. The end.

Thursday for Pop Culture we didn’t end up going to the Olympic sites for our outing because we had to make up for the class we missed due to the Bath/Stonehenge/Stratford weekend. Instead we talked about Orientalism, watched an insane martial arts movie called Azumi, and went to the British Museum to sketch artifacts that we’ve recognized in movies. A lot of eye opening to crazy, non-American movies this week.

Thursday night we had a pizza party for Madhouse and just relaxed and packed for Paris! Updates on the weekend coming up.

March 16, 2011


Midterms this semester was a little different than my other midterms at JMU. For example, I successfully left the week with spending 0, yup, zero, hours in the library. I can hear the moans of hatred from JMU students now. It’s not like we didn’t have anything to do, though. The week involved papers and presentations before our outings. It’s work we sort of enjoy doing, unable to stop soaking in all the information around us…rather than being glued to a textbook, cramming & trying to force information into our heads.

Our theatre Monday night after Amsterdam was Clybourne Park. My favorite show thus far. Since the next week was spring break and we wouldn’t have class time to discuss with the show fresh in our minds, we met at MadHouse after the show and snacked on digestives while discussing the show we all adored. It was based in the 50s and modern time (2 acts split in time periods) and was all about racism in America. Maybe it hit home because it was about our country, maybe it was just really good. Probably both. Either way, I loved it, and if you ever come to London and want to see a show, go see it!!

For Media & Society we had a vocab quiz  based off University a Jeapordy game. For our outing we did another Soho walk…this time dedicated towards all the musical history in Soho, and then ended in a French pastry shop. Worked per usual at Wriglesworth Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday long day and Thursday morning. Thursday for Pop Culture we had our first exam so far, and then went to The British Music Experience in the O2 Arena. So much fun and the perfect introduction into spring break! The BME was totally interactive, our ticket checked us into different hotspots to learn more or hear more about a certain era. The museum was sort of designed as a sun– one central room and a bunch of aisles/rooms breaking off from that. Each extended room was a musical era and you learned about everything going on at the time, mostly in London but in other countries as well. Best part? I learned to play the drums. Not exactly a professional, but I got a tutorial for a few minutes! We did a group singing recording session (and you can check it online using your ticket afterwards) and a group dance session. Thursday night involved packing, printing and clearing out the fridge. Bright and early Friday morning we took off for Barcelona!!

Spring break will have its own post…up next.

Cheers =)