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April 5, 2011

Old Bailey, Ecstasy, Kidulthood & Taylor Swift

The week after traveling the countryside of England flew by. As is the entire semester, I guess. For politics on Monday we talked about the court systems and then, vualah, we went to the Old Bailey and watched a trial for robbery. I felt like we were intruding because we were the only ones in the audience upstairs besides the family. A little uncomfortable. After we watched a good portion of the questioning we headed out. Monday night for theatre we went to see Ecstasy at the Hampstead Theatre, the same theatre we saw Penelope in. Ecstasy is about alcoholism, loneliness, and regret. It sounds really depressing, as it was intended to be, but it was so good. Tuesday for Media & Society we had a discussion on the Saatchi Gallery, led into our film discussion, and then watched a crazy British movie called Kidulthood. Here’s a trailer..


Really crazy and violent, I know.

Tuesday afternoon I went to Wriglesworth as per usual, and we spent the day preparing for the next, for the Aviva roundtable debate. Tuesday night for dinner Kelly, Laura, Sarah & I went to Lupita, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants by Embankment. Wednesday I worked at Wriglesworth-worked the roundtable during the morning and the office for the rest of the week. Wednesday night was the Taylor Swift concert!! I’m going to be honest, I liked Taylor Swift before her concert. I loved her after the concert, it was amazing. The concert was in the O2 arena and it was packed with mostly teenage girls…we felt a little old. Regardless, she sounded incredible and we all had so much fun. The end.

Thursday for Pop Culture we didn’t end up going to the Olympic sites for our outing because we had to make up for the class we missed due to the Bath/Stonehenge/Stratford weekend. Instead we talked about Orientalism, watched an insane martial arts movie called Azumi, and went to the British Museum to sketch artifacts that we’ve recognized in movies. A lot of eye opening to crazy, non-American movies this week.

Thursday night we had a pizza party for Madhouse and just relaxed and packed for Paris! Updates on the weekend coming up.

February 24, 2011

Successful week

This week was one of the first that I felt completely normal and in my same old routine-mode probably since I got here. With everything that happened with me so far it was absolutely amazing to go to the gym, feel great at work, have great classes and get relatively normal amounts of sleep. Monday for politics we watched the Prime Minister’s questions video. Every Wednesday at noon David Cameron answers questions from Parliament when the House of Commons is sitting. It was actually really entertaining & informative…take a look:

For theatre this week we had an extra long class because the star of Vernon God Little, the play we saw the week before, Joseph Drake, came into our class! He was the main character, Vernon, and he talked to us about the play, about rehearsals leading up to the show, his life, and how he doesn’t read reviews. He was so funny and it was great to get to meet him. I got him to sign my journal 🙂 After class we grabbed dinner right by the theatre before the show, and then we saw Penelope at the Hampstead Theatre. It was about an hour and a half long with no intermission, and it was probably the most odd out of all the shows we’ve seen. Don’t want to spoil it for you in case you ever end up going there, but I’ll just tell you the set was in the bottom of a swimming pool the entire show, and Penelope, the girl the play is named after, did not have one line. Our teacher is trying to broaden our horizons to all types of theatre, and all types of theatre we are seeing.

Tuesday for Media & Society was really fun. We talked about the history of radio and TV broadcasting, and then we went out to East Finchley tube stop (a little out of the city) to London Greek Radio. LGR used to be a pirating station back before commercialized channels still hadn’t expanded. We got a tour of the studio and got to ask Vasilis Panayis, the big cheese at the station, who’s been in broadcast for 25 years. I also got him to sign my journal 🙂 Work at Wriglesworth this week was great, I was constantly busy, well-rested and learned a lot. I helped with some press releases, surveyed people over the phone and did a lot of desk research. Wednesday after work we had a group outing to the British Library concerning their exhibition on the Evolution of English. Three professors came in to talk about the different dialects among all regions in the UK. After the British Library we went to O’Neils for Liz’s 21st birthday. Liz’s mom and godmother came to visit her for this long weekend, so we’ve seen them a lot and it is so much fun having moms/parents around! They’re staying at a hotel/apartment literally two doors down, which is so convenient. We got the tour of their flat and it’s a hundred times nicer than ours, but what are ya gonna do. We got the live band to give Liz a shout out at O’Neils and call her up to the stage! So far, birthdays in London are a major success.

Today I worked in the morning, I love when I come in for mornings because Wriglesworth provides cereal for all the staff 🙂 Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. I didn’t even need a jacket, and the sky was blue. We must be extremely lucky people because we’ve seriously only had about 2 rainy days, and they weren’t even that bad. Crossing my fingers that this luck doesn’t change when spring officially comes! For Pop Culture today we talked about a book named Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies, which is a directory of prostitutes in the Victorian Era, and then we played a game where we had to act as members of parliament and pass/veto rules to regulate prostitution in order to control it. After class we went to the Museum of London where we saw the history of London from when it was just land to Roman times to modern day.

Tonight is yet another Thursday night before a weekend of travels. We’re headed off to Amsterdam this weekend, waking up at 3:30am to make our 6:55 flight. Thank you Ryanair.

Have a great weekend and I’ll give stories about Amsterdam Sunday/Monday!

Cheers 🙂