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January 21, 2011

Borough Market

I had my interview this morning, which was basically a chat with one of my supervisors about the company, about ourselves and about traveling through Europe. It was scheduled for 10am and I got there around 9:50 and was out of there by 10:10. Since I had the entirreee rest of the day with no plans I decided to not take the tube back to Bloomsbury and just wandered and explored. I ended up finding this alley which is right next to the tube stop for Chancery Lane and it is very similar to Canal Street, except instead of it all being bags and the same items, it ranges from peacoats to scarves to food and to underwear. Everything was still being set up when I walked through so I’m guessing that it usually starts around 11am.

After exploring and making my way back to Bedford Place Annalina and I both decided to go to Borough Market. She had seen it with her mom or her mom had told her about it when they were here earlier this week, so we took the Northern line from Tottenham Court Road to Waterloo and then switched to the  Jubilee line to London Bridge. When you get off there it’s about a block away and the Borough Market is AWESOME. It made me think of my mom right away. It’s similar to Arthur Avenue in NY, a favorite of hers, but it is so much more close together with booths everywhere.



They have food from all over ranging from sausage to cheese to desserts to fruits/veggies. EVERYTHING. It’s only open Thursday, Friday & Saturday so its pretty much packed whenever you go. We ended up buying these mozzarella & tomato paninis and way too much from a fruit/candy stand. (Not on purpose, they scooped too much!)

Right next to it is the Southwark Cathedral, the oldest gothic church in London. It’s one of the first of many [famous] churches I’ll see this semester.

Great start to the weekend! Updates coming soon.