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May 5, 2011

April 29th, 2011

I’ll keep my stories a little brief because a) you already know about the big event b) I have way more exciting pictures and videos to show you and c) I’m sure when I see you in person I will not stop talking about this…so I’m giving you a break now.

We heard on the news that people had been camping out for the Royal Wedding since Tuesday at lunchtime. We arrived back in London Thursday evening, checked into our hotel (only one block away from Madison House!) ate dinner and then went to see these ambitious campers. (Just a side note, it felt so good to come back to London! I will definitely miss it.) We walked through Trafalgar Square, decided that it was our place of choice for the big event, got our flags, walked up and down the Mall, saw the press set-ups, went to Westminster Abbey, got on the BBC and by the time we were walking home it was after midnight. We had to be up in 4 hours!!

Day of the wedding:

We woke up at 4:40am and were in Trafalgar Square by 5am. Picture of when we got there and when William & Kate were wed:

An absolutely incredible and fun day! I would’ve been so mad at myself for the rest of my life if we did not stay an extra week to stay for this. We watched as the Olympic countdown went from 488 days and over 14 hours to 488 days and under 6 hours. We watched as the Queen arrived at Westminster and the entire Trafalgar Square was singing God Save the Queen. We watched ourselves on the big screen. We watched news reporters everywhere interviewing as many people as they could. We watched the Royal Wedding on the big screen surrounded by thousands of people. It was fun 🙂

Videos and pictures:

After the wedding was over there were still thousands of people in the streets of London celebrating, and we made our way back to our hotel, grabbed lunch at Bill’s and crashed for the rest of the night. Saturday we had lunch at Borough Market (so. delicious.) and went to Regent’s Park to complete all 5 Royal Parks. Turns out Regent’s is my favorite. Saturday we completed the circle by going to The Perseverance for dinner. 500 points if you remember that that is the pub from the intern’s very first dinner out together. Sunday we were up at 5:30am and out on our way to Heathrow. We all landed back in the States safe and sound and our only obstacle now is getting over jetlag. It was such an incredible semester and I’ll look back on it forever. A very big thank you to my parents and family for making it happen 🙂


March 27, 2011

The week Danielle & Jess visited London

Monday morning for politics we went to the Science Museum. We went to the World Wide Web exhibit, and we watched this big make-up of small screens that stream live feed from public chat rooms. It changed information like usernames, conversations and key words and we were just watching a constant streaming of people’s conversations. It was a little creepy; the Internet in general is creepy. Monday night for theatre we didn’t see a show for class, because we had King Lear planned for Thursday night in Stratford. Instead, we had a group outing to the Royal Opera House to see Swan Lake. The ballet was so fun. Granted, we missed a lot of the story line because we were so high up (For example, we thought the main characters lived, because we never saw them jump off a ledge on the left of the stage to commit suicide). Regardless, it was amazing just watching how talented all of the ballerinas are. They literally spend the entire time on the very point of their toes. Everyone was extremely talented and it was a little excruciating to watch. Tuesday for Media & Society we went to the Saatchi Gallery, and we had a quick tour by an American intern from Wisconsin. The gallery is a collection of art that Saatchi owns, and honestly, it’s all a little weird. But it was interesting seeing the different styles and interests people have in all kinds of artwork.

Tuesday was a special day, because my best friend Danielle Fraser and her roommate from URI, Jess, arrived in London! I work Tuesday afternoons, so I met up with them in Covent Garden when I got out, and then showed them around that area, Trafalgar Square, and the area over by Embankment. We ended up having dinner on one of those restaurant-boats and it was lovely. The two of them brought gorgeous weather to London all week. After dinner we went back to my flat and then went out to Cornwallis with a group of Madhouse people. We stayed there until it closed and then headed over to the Rocket, which wasn’t open much later. Since the tube was still open, Danielle & Jess just took that back to their hostel, and prepared for their very busy next day. I work my long days on Wednesdays, and they spent their day doing the NewEurope free tour, rode the London Eye, did a Grim Reaper tour, and then met me at Holborn Wednesday night. In terms of my day, the annual budget announcement was on Wedneday, and I was a little surprised to see that it is treated with importance equivalent to our State of the Union. During our lunch hour the TV was turned on, and everyone had earphones plugged in watching live streaming. I’m not exaggerating when I say this week was the best weather we have seen in London so far, so I walked home from work to soak in as much sun as possible. We had our weekly meeting, got our calendars and itineraries for the weekend, and then I had time to organize myself and relax before meeting up with Danielle and Jess. Will wanted to go to a bar called Moonlighting for his birthday, but through a series of unfortunate events Danielle, Jess and I had bad luck getting into bars this particular night. We ended up at O’Neils, which is perfectly fine by me because they got to see our favorite bar! We were the last people to leave O’Neils, and since the tube had closed I was determined to send them home on a bus because they had an oyster card, which buses accept. Unfortunately, I’ve been living here for 2 months and have no idea how the buses work or which ones go to the area their hostel was in. After failing to figure it out, we all just grabbed cabs and headed home. Thursday morning was quite an adventure, as I woke up and went to their hostel to meet Danielle & Jess, but they were at King’s Cross station. Then we had to go back to West Brompton tube stop, but they missed their Easybus to Gatwick, so we headed to Victoria so they could catch the Gatwick Express to the airport. If it sounds confusing & chaotic, that’s because it was. It was actually really funny though and everything worked out in the end. It was so nice having visitors and I’m glad they had such a lovely time in London. J I headed home, showered, ate & packed for the upcoming weekend to Stratford upon Avon, Oxford, Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge.



February 18, 2011

Class this week..WORTH READING

So…I wanted to make an individual post for classes this week, but specifically for our class this afternoon. I’ll get there quick, I promise.

Monday for politics we had class and then went to the Cabinet War Rooms right near Big Ben/Downing St/St. James’ Park/part of the Imperial War Museum. It was actually really cool seeing everything that was under there, and there is also a museum dedicated to Winston Churchill. To make the day even better, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I feel like this comment comes more often than about bad weather…in fact, we’ve only had 2 rainy days I think. Counting my blessings! (Especially because this weekend in Edinburgh is supposed to be 80% rain/sleet/snow. Gross) Monday for theatre we had regular class, discussed last week’s show, and then saw Vernon God Little at the Young Vic Theatre…right down the street from where we saw Flea in Her Ear and the Old Vic. If you’ve never heard of this play it’s a satire about Columbine. Personally, I’m not a fan of the show. The book was much better, but I’m still not a fan of that situation becoming a comedy. Our discussion next week will certainly be interesting.

Tuesday morning for Media & Society we had a discussion/argument about the infamous question, “What is Art” and then headed to the British Library to browse on our own. I ended up playing with these iPad type machines that show tons of old books that aren’t allowed to be touched, but the museum found a way for them to be interactive. Looked through Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook and the original Alice & Wonderland. Tuesday I worked at Wriglesworth and had a good day until I got the stomach flu that ruined my life until Wednesday night/this morning. No need to go into detail about any of that…so flash forward to today.

I worked this morning and it flew by. Some staff at Wriglesworth are doing this event called Vertical Rush at Tower 42. They race up 920 steps for a charity for the homeless. To raise some money they had a cake sale (yes, not a bake sale) for the building and I got to man the table/smell the tempting sweets for an hour. I did some more assignments and then came home for lunch. OK, the part worth reading is here. In Communication, Diversity & Pop Culture we talked about Autism. We watched clips from A Beautiful Mind, and then we went to a museum by an Autistic artist, named  Stephen Wiltshire. He sketches landscapes (mostly) from memory. His work was absolutely incredible. Just an example:

So, the gallery for Stephen is right near Trafalgar Square. We took a break there right before the gallery, and Scan made a comment about how a bunch of guys around the square reminded her of this show they have to watch in another class named “Gypsy Weddings” aka…the guys seemed sketchy. We also noticed that there were a LOT of cops randomly around, but didn’t really think much of it. After the gallery, we had a group meeting before parting ways, and during it we saw a ton of teenage guys running everywhere, some getting caught by cops, random cop cars driving over curbs..aka a mad scene starting to happen. One guy was headed in our direction, but sort of jogging..not running from anything. He started to stick whatever he was holding down his pants and pretend to blend into our group, and then realized that there were 5 cops chasing him, and sprinted away. He threw what end up being a field hockey stick in the air and we watched him get tackled by the 4 cops and get arrested. Here’s what we were watching unraveling:

Luckily, none of us were hurt or anything of the sort, so it’s just another story to add to our list. Class picture right before this all started: 

For dinner we went to Giraffe and then (of course) got Baskin Robins. Tonight just consisted of laundry/packing because we leave for Edinburgh tomorrow!! 🙂 I wanted to catch up on here before heading off for the weekend. Hope you enjoy!