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February 24, 2011

Successful week

This week was one of the first that I felt completely normal and in my same old routine-mode probably since I got here. With everything that happened with me so far it was absolutely amazing to go to the gym, feel great at work, have great classes and get relatively normal amounts of sleep. Monday for politics we watched the Prime Minister’s questions video. Every Wednesday at noon David Cameron answers questions from Parliament when the House of Commons is sitting. It was actually really entertaining & informative…take a look:

For theatre this week we had an extra long class because the star of Vernon God Little, the play we saw the week before, Joseph Drake, came into our class! He was the main character, Vernon, and he talked to us about the play, about rehearsals leading up to the show, his life, and how he doesn’t read reviews. He was so funny and it was great to get to meet him. I got him to sign my journal 🙂 After class we grabbed dinner right by the theatre before the show, and then we saw Penelope at the Hampstead Theatre. It was about an hour and a half long with no intermission, and it was probably the most odd out of all the shows we’ve seen. Don’t want to spoil it for you in case you ever end up going there, but I’ll just tell you the set was in the bottom of a swimming pool the entire show, and Penelope, the girl the play is named after, did not have one line. Our teacher is trying to broaden our horizons to all types of theatre, and all types of theatre we are seeing.

Tuesday for Media & Society was really fun. We talked about the history of radio and TV broadcasting, and then we went out to East Finchley tube stop (a little out of the city) to London Greek Radio. LGR used to be a pirating station back before commercialized channels still hadn’t expanded. We got a tour of the studio and got to ask Vasilis Panayis, the big cheese at the station, who’s been in broadcast for 25 years. I also got him to sign my journal 🙂 Work at Wriglesworth this week was great, I was constantly busy, well-rested and learned a lot. I helped with some press releases, surveyed people over the phone and did a lot of desk research. Wednesday after work we had a group outing to the British Library concerning their exhibition on the Evolution of English. Three professors came in to talk about the different dialects among all regions in the UK. After the British Library we went to O’Neils for Liz’s 21st birthday. Liz’s mom and godmother came to visit her for this long weekend, so we’ve seen them a lot and it is so much fun having moms/parents around! They’re staying at a hotel/apartment literally two doors down, which is so convenient. We got the tour of their flat and it’s a hundred times nicer than ours, but what are ya gonna do. We got the live band to give Liz a shout out at O’Neils and call her up to the stage! So far, birthdays in London are a major success.

Today I worked in the morning, I love when I come in for mornings because Wriglesworth provides cereal for all the staff 🙂 Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. I didn’t even need a jacket, and the sky was blue. We must be extremely lucky people because we’ve seriously only had about 2 rainy days, and they weren’t even that bad. Crossing my fingers that this luck doesn’t change when spring officially comes! For Pop Culture today we talked about a book named Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies, which is a directory of prostitutes in the Victorian Era, and then we played a game where we had to act as members of parliament and pass/veto rules to regulate prostitution in order to control it. After class we went to the Museum of London where we saw the history of London from when it was just land to Roman times to modern day.

Tonight is yet another Thursday night before a weekend of travels. We’re headed off to Amsterdam this weekend, waking up at 3:30am to make our 6:55 flight. Thank you Ryanair.

Have a great weekend and I’ll give stories about Amsterdam Sunday/Monday!

Cheers 🙂

January 26, 2011

Oh yeah, I have class.

This is Mariah. Mariah is Charlotte’s dog and is extremely friendly. I’m not cheating on Sandi, but it’s soo nice to have a dog and its happiness around.

In a nutshell, our classes are just an introduction meeting to the field trip we’ll be taking in an hour. The way our schedule works is that we have one class once a week, (i.e. I have my politics class on Monday mornings, media on Tuesdays) anddd that’s pretty much it. We learned in British Media & Politics about the queen/prime minister and it turns out that being royalty literally involves doing nothing. You make no decisions, you have to be politically neutral, you are only a figurehead. The prime minister is basically our equivalent president. He’s got the power. Our outing on Monday was to the British Library which has toonnns of awesome/interesting/historical/amazing stuff. Other marvelous non historical things include this bench:

For theatre we go to a show/play every Monday night, and this week was Hamlet. After sprinting throughout London from dinner to the National Theatre for a 3 hour and 50 minute show…I was slightly tired. I am, however, making a presentation of my critique about it for next class so I’ve learned a lot about it in the past few days. The show we saw was modernized and has more “brilliant” (heh :)) reviews than bad ones, so if you’re a Shakespeare fan and ever in the area…go for it. Tuesday morning had class for British Media & Society and our teacher (a Steven Tyler twin) seemed disappointed that he had so many SMAD majors..which I still don’t get. It’s not weird that there are media majors in a media class. Besides that, he is probably one of the more interesting teachers I’ll have this semester, even though they’re all completely unique & funny. He took a break in the middle of class to show us Eve’s cafe, where we juiced up on caffeine to get through the rest of the day. Our outing was to the British Museum (free and right around the corner from us) to briefly show us the different exhibitions. A lot of this trip is just reflections and critiques of everything we do. After class we ate lunch and then I scadaddled over to Wriglesworth for my first day. So crazy how much I learned about London’s market in just half a day. Decided to make my first shopping spree and what a wonderful decision that was, because I ended up getting 20% off for student discounts and getting so much for so little. I. Love. Bargains. Speaking of that, anyone who knows me will find it hilarious to know that we have a T.K Maxx (yes, it’s K in London) approx 5-10 minutes away from our house. Hallelujah.

Last night we went to the Sports Cafe, Tuesdays is college night, aka a very cheap night and tons of students from everywhere. Woke up bright and early yet again this morning and headed off for a full day at Wriglesworth. 8 1/2 hours later, ate some dinner, had some meetings, and I am pooped. In our internship “class” aka weekly meetings to discuss our lives as British workers, Charlotte taught us how to make a proper cup of tea & coffee, so from tomorrow on I’m planning on practicing & perfecting those skills. (Which are surprisingly more important than you think! I’m not about to be the intern who makes bad tea…just saying.) We don’t have a free weekend to travel until the weekend after my birthday, but this weekend we’re doing London Tower & Westiminister Abbey on Friday and the following weekend is Brighton and Greenwich.

I’ll work on getting the pictures tab of this blog going soon…it’s getting a little unmotivating when I look in my photo library and see hundreds of pictures, but I’ll get it eventually.

Last class tomorrow of the week and then the weekend…Rusty says that he normally tells students that this trip is split in two halves. The first ends the end of this week, and the second is the end of the trip. Apparently the amount of time in both feels the same, and I don’t doubt him for a second. More time on here means less time out there…so…