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January 20, 2011

Student VISA

Ah gosh I’m sorry, I never ended up adding information when I was ACTUALLY still in the US. In case you’re interested in the process:

In addition to my classes I’m also doing a 3 credit internship at Wriglesworth consultancy..a PR agency in London. The way that JMU does this is with an organization called CAPA International Education (Center for Academic Programs Abraod) and we go through a process that I wish had been done earlier because of how quickly I had to round up a TON of papers/files/forms, but CAPA is really really helpful and available, so luckilyy my questions were answered quickly. Those of us interning had to go through the application process…final mail to CAPA included: 2 passport sized photos, 1 photocopy of passport, 1 signed release form, an academic letter of recommendation, a professional letter of recommendation, a police background check and a transcript. The awesome thing about CAPA is that they ask you to rank your field of interest and they piece together allll of this information to place you at a (hopefully) baller internship. Getting the student VISA was a really annoying process. Right after I came home from Thanksgiving break, I found out I had to mail my ACTUAL passport in with a whole bunch of supporting documents. And, this process had to be done as soon as possible because it could take up to something like 12 weeks. So, my parents had to send my passport priority mail, meanwhile I had to take more passport pictures, fillout an online application that had step by step instructions our director had to send to us, (I had to list when I left the country in the last 10 years. yikes) and drive to Alexandria to get a biometric finger scan. (Literally, drove 2 hours, took a 3 minute finger scan, drove back 2 hours.) Final mail into the British UK Agency in NY: my passport, a printed copy of my online application, an Appendix 8 Tier 4 (General) Student Self Assessment form, a passport photo, an official transcript, and a confirmation of the completed biometrics appointment. The fee, which they fail to really tell you about until you have to pay, is something like $385. Yeeeeeesh. A few weeks later my passport arrived with my Student VISA stamped in it and the process was finally complete.