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February 2, 2011

What a week

I’m sorry I haven’t updated! I’m trying to make this a daily or semi-weekly thing, but I just haven’t had much time on the computer recently.

The end of classes last week went really well, our classes are all interesting and the outings even more so. For Communication, Diversity & Pop Culture we went over by the London Eye, where we were set free to ask as many people as we could with set questions about London’s economy. (What do you think caused the economic crisis? Will benefits and welfare cuts make London less diverse? What do you think is the greatest prejudice in society today?) As expected, it was a learning experience. We approached all types of people; rude, polite, European, foreign, opinionated, clueless. What I came to find out was that the majority of the people (at least in this particular area) didn’t have a clue about any of our questions, but they loved to complain. Example number 1…”I have no idea what the cause is but I’m not happy about it.” Or…”The cause? Americans.” It was freezing on Thursday and getting dark so our professor treated us to hot chocolate at McDonalds. That night we all went to a club called Fabric for the London Re-Freshers Festival with dubstep groups Skream, Nero and Mistajam (All new to me as of that night.) The experience was a first, we ended up in a moshpit for a few minutes before deciding that we weren’t too keen on being thrown around like rag dolls.

Friday was awesome. We woke up and met Joan & the group at the Tower of London and had a tour until about 12. It was extremely cold on Friday so when we got to go inside to see the Royal Jewels is was twice as exciting. The Tower of London has so many stories, so much history and the Royal Jewels are breathtaking & amazing. We had a 2 hour break for lunch so a group of us found a cozy pub and warmed up & relaxed before heading over to Westminister Abbey. Also another breathtaking place. Twice in one day! Being inside was absolutely beautiful. The thing that stood out more to me than anything else was the original coronation chair that they still have since 1308. They’ve used the same chair for every single coronation since the first. Seeing it inches from me boggled my mind. After we toured that we all came home and crashed until around 8, and then our group went to my new favorite pub, Marquis Cornwallis.

Saturday was my first morning to sleep in! It felt amazing. We went to the Camden Markets on Saturday and although it was freezing, I got some good finds. Saturday night we met our friend Caroline (Alpha Phi, graduated in May and now goes to King’s College for grad school) for dinner. We went to a Thai place and then to a club called Tiger Tiger. Sunday was my last morning to sleep in basically until I return home in May, so after sleeping in and taking the morning slow Erin Kelly and I went to Spitalfields Market. We ate at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a late lunch and then headed home for a lazy Sunday night (the best kind.)