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February 18, 2011

Class this week..WORTH READING

So…I wanted to make an individual post for classes this week, but specifically for our class this afternoon. I’ll get there quick, I promise.

Monday for politics we had class and then went to the Cabinet War Rooms right near Big Ben/Downing St/St. James’ Park/part of the Imperial War Museum. It was actually really cool seeing everything that was under there, and there is also a museum dedicated to Winston Churchill. To make the day even better, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I feel like this comment comes more often than about bad weather…in fact, we’ve only had 2 rainy days I think. Counting my blessings! (Especially because this weekend in Edinburgh is supposed to be 80% rain/sleet/snow. Gross) Monday for theatre we had regular class, discussed last week’s show, and then saw Vernon God Little at the Young Vic Theatre…right down the street from where we saw Flea in Her Ear and the Old Vic. If you’ve never heard of this play it’s a satire about Columbine. Personally, I’m not a fan of the show. The book was much better, but I’m still not a fan of that situation becoming a comedy. Our discussion next week will certainly be interesting.

Tuesday morning for Media & Society we had a discussion/argument about the infamous question, “What is Art” and then headed to the British Library to browse on our own. I ended up playing with these iPad type machines that show tons of old books that aren’t allowed to be touched, but the museum found a way for them to be interactive. Looked through Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook and the original Alice & Wonderland. Tuesday I worked at Wriglesworth and had a good day until I got the stomach flu that ruined my life until Wednesday night/this morning. No need to go into detail about any of that…so flash forward to today.

I worked this morning and it flew by. Some staff at Wriglesworth are doing this event called Vertical Rush at Tower 42. They race up 920 steps for a charity for the homeless. To raise some money they had a cake sale (yes, not a bake sale) for the building and I got to man the table/smell the tempting sweets for an hour. I did some more assignments and then came home for lunch. OK, the part worth reading is here. In Communication, Diversity & Pop Culture we talked about Autism. We watched clips from A Beautiful Mind, and then we went to a museum by an Autistic artist, named  Stephen Wiltshire. He sketches landscapes (mostly) from memory. His work was absolutely incredible. Just an example:

So, the gallery for Stephen is right near Trafalgar Square. We took a break there right before the gallery, and Scan made a comment about how a bunch of guys around the square reminded her of this show they have to watch in another class named “Gypsy Weddings” aka…the guys seemed sketchy. We also noticed that there were a LOT of cops randomly around, but didn’t really think much of it. After the gallery, we had a group meeting before parting ways, and during it we saw a ton of teenage guys running everywhere, some getting caught by cops, random cop cars driving over curbs..aka a mad scene starting to happen. One guy was headed in our direction, but sort of jogging..not running from anything. He started to stick whatever he was holding down his pants and pretend to blend into our group, and then realized that there were 5 cops chasing him, and sprinted away. He threw what end up being a field hockey stick in the air and we watched him get tackled by the 4 cops and get arrested. Here’s what we were watching unraveling:

Luckily, none of us were hurt or anything of the sort, so it’s just another story to add to our list. Class picture right before this all started: 

For dinner we went to Giraffe and then (of course) got Baskin Robins. Tonight just consisted of laundry/packing because we leave for Edinburgh tomorrow!! 🙂 I wanted to catch up on here before heading off for the weekend. Hope you enjoy!